Physical Security Solutions

As INSIGN SOLUTIONS, we have the most trustable Physical Security Solutions and project management methodologies with our experience based on long years of expert staff.

Our Physical Security Solutions vary on the following scopes:

  • Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)
  • Closed Circuit Camera Systems (CCTV)
  • Physical Security Consulting
  • Face Recognition and Plate Recognition

  • Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

    The rapid development of technology and, consequently, the complexity of its security needs have led to the need for Physical Security Information Management Systems. INSIGN SOLUTIONS provides the integration of different security system units with its experience and expertise and provides a comprehensive and comprehensive security formation.
    In addition, a large number of data from different systems is transformed into meaningful and manipulatable data that can be used to work together in a common repository with PSIM solutions.
    Log management is a necessary component for regulatory requirements such as ISO 27001, SOX, Law No. 5651, PCI DSS, but the name is not sufficient if used records are used for many purposes such as problem solving, security, evidence creation and compliance. The 'logs' collected through the system should be related, stored and reported according to the institutional requirement and system structure.
    In the INSIGN SOLUTIONS PSIM solutions, the Correlation methods needed are used to determine meaningful information from the log rows that become stacked, and to identify those that are regarded as threatening elements in terms of security. The privileges provided by the PSIM solution are as follows:

  • Integration of different brand / model cameras, NVR / DVR, VMS (video management system) systems on a single platform, independently of brand and platform, ensuring the required correlations and thus proactively creating necessary measures and reactions
  • Creation of common alarm management with integration of different types of sensors (fire sensor, sound sensor, motion sensors, etc.), door entry and exit control systems, SCADA systems etc. integrated with camera images in one platform
  • Integration with Video Analytics and Big Data solutions
  • Providing alarm management with correlation / event management
  • Full integration with Information Security and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) applications
  • Displaying information from independent systems as meaningful data on a single interface
  • Being able to perform the process and the reaction form and duration according to the required work flow and process schedule
  • Detection of jumped event cases through analysis modules
  • Live map of event locations with GIS map integrations
  • Customizable interfaces through which the operational workflow can be tracked
  • Flexible infrastructure for external integration needs
  • Flexible infrastructure for external integration needs
  • A concrete performance assessment through the measurement of the response time of the staff to the events and the work flow
  • Closed Circuit Camera Systems (CCTV)

    Closed Circuit Camera Systems (CCTV), which is increasing in usage frequency and usage today, has become a security element in all kinds of institutions, organizations and all kinds of living spaces .As INSIGN SOLUTIONS, we offer all the components needed for CCTV: software system, camera, lens, recorder and monitor.
    With CCTV, time-stamped records are obtained to provide evidence quality. Among the areas where the service is used are public institutions and organizations, hospitals, universities, dangerous work areas, buildings and parking areas, which are used for visitor and employee identification and security.
    However, the use of closed-circuit camera systems is not sufficient to ensure safety alone.
    Therefore, as INSIGN SOLUTIONS, we provide user trainings to provide the requirements such as usage, capacity, identification and instant response for the recorded images for the CCTV system, and provide the necessary technical support by making the hardware structure and installations of the systems.
    In addition to system setup, we are rapidly integrating image processing solutions into the existing system as well as the first system to be installed.
    As INSIGN SOLUTIONS, we have a wide range of solutions for different types and models, ranging from home security to corporate security. At the same time, we provide advanced solutions in high security, facility, workplace and city control points with Thermal Solutions.
    INSIGN SOLUTIONS's expert staff provides end to end Command & Control Center organization and consultancy services. Thermal Camera Systems, which can be used in most areas where temperature changes can be detected, are widely used for security in military and civil areas.
    The usage areas of Thermal Camera Systems are as follows:

  • Exterior or roof insulation control applications
  • Exterior or roof insulation control applications
  • Identification of problems with airflow / leaking or moisture sources
  • Building inspections
  • In all industrial areas, 'preventive maintenance' applications such as parts-oil change, adjustment, control when the system is in operation
  • With INSIGN SOLUTIONS experienced team, we implement the right solutions to ensure time and cost savings by ensuring correct maintenance, continuity and security of the system at the right time.

    Physical Security Consulting

    INSIGN SOLUTIONS, the expert staff that he possesses and the privileges he provides in the service of Physical Security Consultancy offered by his knowledge are as follows:

  • The risk analyzes made by the institutions or organizations and the information obtained from these analyzes are used to determine the security needs and to take the necessary precautions
  • Supervision of competence of security personnel and technical equipment,
  • Performing weakness analysis and testing
  • In addition, INSIGN SOLUTIONS provides integrated security system installation consultancy and security personnel training services with experienced personnel.

    Face recognition

    The face recognition system has many advantages compared to other biometric systems such as fingerprint, palm and hand with contactless processing.
    Identity can be captured and identified at a certain distance from face images without interaction with specific people.
    In addition, the facial recognition system has a deterrent effect on criminals, since recorded and archived face images can then be used to identify an individual's identity.

    Plate Recognition

    The Plate Recognition System is a system that enables identification, recording and analysis of vehicle plates.
    Plate Recognition System consists of "Image Based Plate Recognition Camera" and "Central Server Applications" units.
    With this system, the license plate, brand and color of the vehicles can be detected in any weather conditions 7/24.
    The data collected on the system can be transferred to a desired remote center via cable or wireless.

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